Chery A3 Gallery


Three-door five-passenger hatchback Chery A3 (Chery M11 in the European market) was launched in 2008 in China. The President of Chery Automobile Co Ltd Mr. Ying Tongliao (Yin Tongyao) stated that due to the mileage of 100,000 km on different sites, Chery A3 has a warranty period of four years or 120000 kilometers. Rapid and streamlined appearance Chery A3 received from designers of the Italian firm Pininfarina.

Originally and unexpectedly look great rear red lights, a significant portion of which goes on the back door hatchback Chery A3. Framed salon Chery A3 has a mild pleasant gray color, functionally made the dashboard has a beautiful silver frame. The security standards Chery A3 has received five stars. In the United States Chery A3 will be sold under the name Dodge.

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