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Most of the growth in sales of Chery provided in due time model Amulet is noticeably turned SEAT Toledo sample 1991, With a circulation of more than 10 thousand copies, he entered the top ten best-selling us cars C-class. Despite the outdated design and, frankly, the low level of passive safety, this machine offers a very rich set of options. In particular, buyers can attract powerful 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 94 HP, large useful volume of the passenger compartment and trunk. And a very attractive price is achieved through the Assembly of these machines at the Kaliningrad plant "Avtotor".

Economical and unpretentious, engine displacement of 1.6 liters power 94 HP, gasoline AI-92 will save on operating costs. The modern system of active and passive safety equipment includes 4-wheel ABS, seat belts for all passengers and 2 front airbags.

The layout of the body "pseudocide" combines the aesthetic appeal of the sedan and the practical capacity of the hatchback. The Luggage compartment is equal to 420 l, will allow You to carry not only yourself and Your family, but also quite a large amount of cargo, constantly accompanies us when you travel to the country. And the folding rear seat will allow You to carry and enough overall weights. Air conditioning is already in the base set will make You feel cool in hot days and pleasant music cassette, pouring out of 4 speakers, will create a pleasant atmosphere in the roomy salon of Your Chery Amulet.

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