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Chery QQ 6 (also known as Chery Jaggi) refers to small cars. Chinese "baby" has a rather modest size, the length is 3998 mm, width - 1640 mm, Although these dimensions, the car is quite spacious inside.

This car attracts attention either due to the extraordinary size or due to astounding attractiveness, nor due to the outstanding power. Of all the compact cars, Chery QQ is allocated, and quite strongly, due to their configuration, because the buyer will not need to implement the additional costs of many pleasant things. Although how anyone can call detail set manufacturers alarm with Central lock.

City Microlitre QQ 6 less popular in Russia. Classmate models Daewoo Matiz and Chevrolet Spark is attractive toy design, and gasoline of 1.1 - and 1.3-litre engines make it quite dynamic. Among the options - not just the usual air conditioning, but box "machine". Unfortunately, the image of the brand has not yet formed, and this prevents the "cuckoo" to seriously compete with models in its class, despite a more attractive price.

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