History of Chery

In 1997 on the initiative of the government of the people's Republic of China, was one of the largest automotive companies in Asia, which was called "Chery". Initially, the brand has been creating power units for other manufacturers, as well as for military and aviation equipment. However, in 2001, having licenses for manufacturing blocks for the Assembly of car brands such as Toyota and Mitsubishi, the company released its first car.

The first model, called the Chery Amulet was a copy of the Seat Toledo, which brand Chery had planned to gather in China under the license of "Volkswagen", but got a hard rejection. So, uncomplicated way, bought a few samples and thoroughly study them, the company's engineers presented a model of the Amulet, which was not only similar to Spanish competitor, but had the same set of options.

However, after the success of the Amulet in the market of China and Russia, license production of Toledo was transferred to the "Chery" free of charge, and with Volkswagen was established strategic partnership, which resulted in the creation of several modern factories, specializing in the full cycle of the Assembly of all relevant models of Volkswagen and Audi.

The next step in the conquest of the internal market, was the creation in 2003 subcompact model Cherie cook, which was outwardly identical to the Korean Daewoo Matiz and was delivered in a similar configuration with the price, twice lower than in the known competitor. By 2005, Chery QQ has become the most successful car company - annual circulation model exceeded 300 thousand copies. The car was equipped with only the most necessary options and 1 liter economical engine, whose power was 54 horsepower.

In the same year was presented conceptual second generation model, which was called WOW, and the design was designed by the famous Italian Studio "Bertone". However, in a series of model has only in 2008, after suffering substantial completion, becoming, in essence, work on the mistakes made in the creation of QQ. The model received a new power unit, with a capacity of 61 horsepower and a new name - Faira NN.

In 2006 he was presented the first model of the company "Chery" for business class. Outwardly Chery Oriental Son reminded Daewoo Magnus, however, the interior cabin was much wealthier than - leather upholstery, centre console with rich woods, massage chairs - all this is offered Oriental San for the price of one and a half times lower than that of Korean competitor.

In 2008, under the trademark "Chery" was released the first mid-size crossover called Tiggo, which has a 2.4-liter gasoline engine, with a capacity of 110 horsepower, front-wheel drive and a design that resembled the well-known Toyota RAV4. However, sales in China exactly Cherie Tiggo became the leader in the class of crossovers. In 2009 he was presented his four-wheel drive version, the development of which worked engineers "Chery" and Malaysian firms "Lotus". The company "proton" gave 7% stake in the "Lotus" our partners from the "Chery", in exchange for the opportunity to use technology to Chinese companies in producing their own cars budget segment.

2008 gave a start of serial production of the first turbo company "Chery", as well as the premiere of the family minivan rich 2, which was supposed to attract a large number of buyers from major cities of China, who could not afford a full-sized foreign car.

In addition, in 2008, was shown and the first off-road car Chery P11, which was supposed to compete with the aging models Tiggo. New P11 got the dimensions of a full size SUV, as well as a wide range of engines, which included not only diesel and petrol engines and two turbo-diesel unit, with a capacity of 200 horsepower.

In 2010 was presented with a scattering of new hire company "Chery", which were completely replace the current model range of the brand in 2014. In 2010, it was announced on technological partnership with General motors, which has allowed us to make new Chery motors more reliable and economical.

And in 2011, a similar agreement was reached with another American brand Ford. Resulting plans to bring to market the United States of America several models Chinese manufacturer under one of the brands of concern "Ford" to take in the lineup of the American company niche of budget cars. Six months later, it was concluded another agreement, this time with "FIAT", which was going to produce in China for two future models of Chery under the brand Alfa Romeo, thus strengthening its image on the territory of the Republic.

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