History of Chevron

´╗┐English company "Chevron" was founded in 1965. Unlike other car brands that used the part in sports competitions of the highest class, as a way to increase sales of their production models, "Chevron" has focused on the creation of racing cars for different series, ending their existence in 1978 after the death of company founder Derek Bennett.

The first models of this brand have become a small race cars for racing in Formula 2 and Formula 3000. In 1973 the company was widely known as a manufacturer of reliable cars, as well as the Creator of one of the most promising vehicles to participate in the 24 hour marathon Le Mans.

However, the company Derek Bennett dreamed about the next step - to take part in Formula-1. In addition, in 1973, was presented the first model of the car for the Royal Race, who took part in a demonstration race of Champions.

However, organizational issues and the difficulty in obtaining credit for the creation of a full race car and team Formula 1 has postponed the launch, which was scheduled for 1979. The company's specialists have developed 3 versions of the Chevron cars that were to take part together with the Ferrari tests in February, but it never happened. In late 1978, died Derek Bennett, and his heirs sold all the property of the company, including the brand name. In 2005 the brand "Chevron" was revived as a manufacturer of GT, but apart from the name, nothing to do with Bennett, he has not.

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