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In 1925, was founded one of the largest American car companies - Chrysler. At the origins of the brand, which eventually grew into a true conglomerate, was Walter Chrysler, who did not plan to devote my life to the automotive industry. His career began with the post of assistant engineer in 17 years, and for 35 years he was Manager of the American company locomotives. In the same 1910, he bought his first car brand Buick. Walter became interested in machine design and in the next five years, engaged in his free time studying process engineering.

In 1915, Walter Chrysler quits her job and moves to the position of sales agent in the Buick, and in 1917 he held the positions of President and CEO Buick, within the group of companies "General motors". By 1919, he served as managing Vice President of General Motors, but after only 10 months, he quits. Thus, Chrysler decided that personally able to develop cars. Initially he served as chief crisis Manager in a dying company "jeep", and a year later took a similar position in the group "Maxwell". The first model aimed at the salvation of the "Maxwell", is a compact Chrysler 6, which, with three of the company's engineers have developed personally by Walter Chrysler. In the first year of sales were sold 32 thousand copies of the model that gave the best recognition for the Walter.

So in 1925 the company appeared "Chrysler", based on Maxwell motors. The company is headed rose, Walter Chrysler, charting the output of several models. In 1925, was presented Chrysler 4-58, maximum speed, which was 58 miles per hour, was one of the highest on the market. Thus, the future group has managed to take fifth place in the ranking of American manufacturers civilian vehicles. After 4-58 was presented to the new version, which has already developed a speed equal to 88 miles per hour.

The commercial success of the young company led to the fact that in 1928, was bought by the company "Dodge". Sales of new models Dodge ensure the presence of "Chrysler" in the market for economy cars, which is especially important given the events of the Great Depression, when the economy plummeted. In 1929 the company was included in three of the largest automotive companies in the U.S., making competition "Ford" and "General motors". However, financial difficulties befell automakers.

Having a serious reduction of the cost of production cars, Chrysler was able to 1933 surpass the sales of all major competitors, thus becoming the largest automaker in the world. And in 1934 was presented model Airolo, which received the world's first curved windshield and auto gear box.

Due to the fact that Walter Chrysler has always sought to invest in science, by 1939, the company was able to quickly switch to the production of military equipment, becoming the largest supplier for the armies of the USA and the UK. Chrysler has released not only the engines for aircraft, and military trucks, light armoured tanks Sherman M4, equipment for aircraft B-29 and heavy weapons for bombers and fighters. Net profits derived from military equipment, was valued at billions of dollars. Due to financial well-being, 1945-1947, the company "Chrysler" bought 11 new plants across the country. However, the founder of the group saw the success of his brainchild - Walter Chrysler died in 1940, a year after the outbreak of the Second World War.

However, in an effort to produce the most technologically advanced cars, Chrysler did not have time to maintain high production rates, yielding the palm to the "General motors". In 1951, was presented the first car Chrysler received power steering, and all models of the company mandatory began with the ignition key. In the same year, was developed powertrain Chrysler, Hemi V8, but the engine was used only to create the next generation of sports motors. The power unit under the trademark of Chrysler 426 Hemi, power 400 horsepower, brought victory to the cars "Chrysler" in many international competitions, and in 1963 he was installed on the Chrysler Turbine. As the name implies, the main feature of the car was turbocharged engine, which was developed more than 500 horsepower. However, development has caught the attention of the U.S. government, all work on the motor were folded and handed over to the government, which classified all further investigations.

The sixties of the twentieth century marked the emergence of the first crisis of the prerequisites within the company "Chrysler", which were caused by mistakes in the guide. Gradually, the crisis spread to the technological content of production, which had a negative impact on the quality and reliability of all production cars. However, this has not stopped the company to once again be the leader of sales in 1972 and 1973.

The next crisis came in 1979, when the production of new models has decreased significantly, and the company suffered serious losses. Resulting in danger of bankruptcy "Chrysler", but the automaker got the U.S. government, which has provided significant subsidies are the main supplier of the army. In 1983, in collaboration with the Japanese "Mitsubishi" was presented the first vans Chrysler. The economic situation of the group gradually improved, and in 1987 was made a loud acquisition of the Italian company "Lamborghini", which specializes in sports cars. In the same year were repurchased shares "American motors" under control "Chrysler" moved by such famous brands as "Needles" and "Jeep".

However, two years later, in 1989, another crisis again left Chrysler with nothing, the market share fell to a record low, and the company suffered huge losses. Not helped by attempts to improve the service car service, since 1990 all cars of concern received a seven-year warranty.

Ended the construction of a new technology center, which was opened in 1992, has allowed the company to dramatically improve the competitiveness of their cars. However, five years later, after enormous losses, "Chrysler", announced the merger of the American company with the German Daimler. Years of cooperation with the German auto giant has brought great dividends. Presented models such as the Jeep Cherokee and the Dodge Viper, Chrysler 300. The company began to increase its presence in racing competitions. However, the Alliance with Daimler quickly collapsed, and in 2008 the company declared bankruptcy. Action "Chrysler" were purchased by the U.S. government, canadian and Italian concern FIAT, which has kept the automaker. In 2011, Chrysler began again to increase its production and now is kept equal with the other two American giants Ford and General motors.

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