History of Cord

´╗┐American car company "Cord" was founded in 1929, just one year after the beginning of the great Depression. Brand got its name in honor of one of the richest men in the United States of America of that time, the major shareholder of the other car brand "Auburn", Errata Cord.

The first and only model of the brand became Cord L, which became a pioneer in the world of luxury vehicle isobela luxury interior and exterior finishing. In addition, under the hood of the car was located eight km sectility power unit Lycoming, power 125 horsepower, which was a unique achievement for a production car at the time.

Buyers were available 4 versions of bodies, each of which was designed for the specific needs of consumers sedan to travel with a small company, coupe-speed travel on intercity roads, and the convertible version had as a quadruple and double options. However, buyers of that time were more attracted to the price, rather than hardware, so the price has been reduced significantly, but it hasn't affected the sales figures. After that, the company ceased to exist in 1932.

In 1936, the "Cord" was revived, was presented car Cord 810, which possessed one of the world's first streamlined housings and front-wheel drive transmission. Presented classic Cord for 4 variants of the body. In 1937, the company introduced the model Cord 812, the power of the power unit which amounted to 170 horsepower. Nevertheless, it was released only 2.5 thousand copies of the model, after which production was discontinued. The company tried to buy the license to produce one of the models of FIAT, after which, the company declared itself bankrupt, paying their creditors all loans.

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