History of Crane Simplex

In 1903, was founded by the American car company "Simplex", which after 12 years was known as the "Crane-Simplex". In 1904, was the first car brand, which was not distinguished by special characteristics. The engine was limited to 10 horsepower engine, and the body could be absolutely anything. Thus, we began selling unpretentious little model that has found a buyer, but because of the high costs did not bring significant profits.

In the same year was released the model for touring, which had a low price and easy to upgrade. Several racing teams bought this model, which had a four cylinder engine with a capacity of 18 horsepower. However, the ease model was provided with a wooden body with metal arcs security, on the one hand it was a good decision, as the weight of the car was just 544 kilograms, and on the other hand, during a fire, caused by a collision on the racetrack, died a few riders, who spoke on cars Crane-Simplex.

In 1908, was presented model Crane Dial Roadster, which was replaced by the anonymous Simplex, and in 1909 she was modernized, due to the complete failure of the wood body. It was established revolutionary 11 litre power unit, a power of 90 horsepower. This model was to become a successful racing car, but the main buyers were bootleggers, who no longer had to increase the power for the car. By 1918, the lineup had already several sports models, becoming suppliers of cars to the Rockefeller family. However, the "Crane-Simplex" was sold to the company "Mercer" in 1920, ending its existence as an independent carmaker.

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