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Among sedans middle class there are models, which without exaggeration can be called "people's cars". These include and Korean Daewoo Espero, pushed in a series of many European colleagues. Espero is a sedan-class Golf, developed in close cooperation with General Motors.

Presentation Espero was the beginning of the expansion of the Korean Corporation Daewoo Motors in Europe. The training was serious: body ordered the designers of the famous Italian Studio Bertone, and the mechanical part was borrowed from General Motors - used to build Espero a little stretched platform J served as a base for the popular 80's Opel Ascona, Isuzu Aska, Chevrolet Monster and even the Cadillac Cimarron.

In General, platform J, which is considered one of the most budget front-wheel drive automobile platform and replaced the outdated model GM H was the only universal base General Motors, intended for the production of vehicles of medium and compact classes with all types of body styles - sedan, wagon, hatchback, coupe and convertible.

Since 1995 Espero began to conquer the automotive market in Australia and the UK. However, among the British special machine was not very popular. The reason is due to low fuel economy and the fact that the body quickly rusted in the damp conditions of Albion.

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