History of Daf

´╗┐Belgian trucks DAF is a 100% guarantee of reliability and quality of every detail. More than 80 years experience in the production of trucks in various configurations allows specialists to develop reliable trucks with excellent load capacity, ergonomics and design.

The main production DAF is located in Westerlo - the collected cab truck. However, in the Dutch town of Eindhoven produce engines for cars.

The industrial giant today produces more than 25 thousand trucks a year. Their design and Assembly are 6000 people working in various fields of industry. Currently, the products automaker presents three series car: DAF CF, DAF and DAF XF LF. Each of the series in a certain way is supplemented and modified from year to year.

Currently DAF produces various heavy trucks. In the assortment of trucks on 15-70 tons. There are at Arsenal DAF and real giants that can pull a trailer weighing up to 120 tons. This model DAF XF105 company presented at the largest international exhibition of trucks. Innovation has been the engine of 12.9 liters, which, in addition to a large capacity, it boasts excellent efficiency.

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