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De Tomaso Guara is a sports car produced by the De Tomaso produced since 1993. De Tomaso Guara is the latest development of the founder and owner of the company Alejandro De Tomaso. The first model presented in 1993 at the Geneva motor show. De Tomaso Guara was available in two different body styles: the coupe and the open body "Barchetta". The first De Tomaso Guara were launched into the market in 1994 and found their buyers in Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The bodyshell De Tomaso Guara is made of fiberglass, Kevlar and other composite materials to provide a relatively light weight and good durability. De Tomaso Guara has suspension, made by technology of cars of Formula 1 and IndyCar. De Tomaso Guara is very sensitive and sharp handling, therefore, not suitable for drivers with limited experience.

Initially, De Tomaso Guara was equipped with 8-cylinder engine from BMW. After an easy upgrade model in 1998, all modifications De Tomaso Guara started to be equipped with a powerful V8 from Ford. The car was equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox that gives the opportunity to experience all the benefits of powerful engines, installed on a De Tomaso Guara. In 2004, the issue of De Tomaso Guara was discontinued.

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