History of Decauville

In 1897, was founded by the French car company "Decauville Automobille", and since 1898 has started production of the first model of the company. The first car company "Decauville", was built on the basis of technologies for the production of boats, thus saving the weight of the car, though, and by increasing its dangers. The engine model is located 0,5-liter engine, with a capacity of 3 horsepower, developed and produced another French brand "De Dion-Bouton". In addition, the car was fitted with the revolutionary in those days a two-stage gearbox, built on the same principle as a modern manual transmission.

In 1900 the car "Decauville" was modernized, receiving a metal stand and a more powerful power units with water cooling and power from 6 to 9 horsepower. And after 2 years capacity increased to 10 horsepower. In the same year was presented a new model of the brand, called "Waterville". The design of the car was designed by Henry Royce, who stood at the origins of the English brand "rolls-Royce". In 1905 the model Walterville received a four-speed gear box and a four cylinder engine with a capacity of 18 horsepower.

The cars of "Decauville" confidently took a leading position on the French and English automotive markets in the Suite that had a positive impact on sales growth in the period from 1900 to 1905 the production of cars of the French company has grown 3 times to 390 copies a year. In 1906, was presented a series of modifications of the model, Walterville where were significantly improved motors, the power which now ranged from 20 to 45 horsepower. However, from 1907 to 1911, the demand for cars has decreased, which led to the closure of the company in 1911, and the entire engineering staff was transferred to the locomotives.

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