History of Ferrari

"Ferrari is a world famous brand, founded by the legendary racer Enzo Ferrari. Initially the company was called "Auto Avia Construzione", and was founded before the Second World war. However, the first car under the name Ferrari has only been published in 1946. Outwardly it looked like a normal road car, but the engine was hiding 12-cylinder engine's incredible power, turned it into a real race car. A year later, the company was already released 2 versions of engines for their cars, which won one race over another by virtue of the design talents Enzo and his subordinates.

Since 1951 Ferrari started developing a line of prestigious cars. The first models had a body of its own design, and why a partnership agreement was signed with Atelier "Pininfarina", which was mutually beneficial and very durable.

Some models of "Ferrari" was produced in very limited editions specifically for affluent buyers. This allowed us to emphasize the elite status of the brand, adding prestige to even the most basic of its machines. So, only 14 cars Ferrari 410 Super America saw the light.

Ferrari Daytona appeared in 1968. Even today it is among the fastest cars in the world, developing to 282 km/h thanks to its engine capacity of as much as 352 horsepower.

The Ferrari Dino was released in the early 1970's, and has become quite long-lived. Various modifications it was made before 1980. She got the name of the son Enzo, who died in 1956 to the. Around the same time was presented and Berlinetta Boxer, equipped with a 4.4-liter engine. Its production lasted from 1973 to 1976, after which she underwent a number of modifications received, including a more powerful engine capacity of 4.9 litres. In 1984 it was replaced by another model. Testarossa debuted at the Paris motor show as a double car, and in the next 10 years, remained current car, regularly receiving various updates. The latest version, released in 1994, had a top speed of 322 km/h, which was developed thanks to a 440-horsepower motor.

The legendary Ferrari F40 was released in 1987. This car is known for the fact that its development took a hand himself Enzo Ferrari, ending his participation in the creation of cars. 2 years later he died, and his company was bought from the heirs of the Fiat. However, the brand has escaped oblivion, and was carefully preserved.

The first Ferrari car had four-wheel drive, was released in 2011. Model FF also had a big trunk and a full cabin for passengers. It was quite unusual upgrading of the line of cars Ferrari, but at the same time retained the signature characteristics of design.

Today the company "Ferrari" continues the successful work as a luxury brand under the wing of "Fiat". The hire company buy wealthy and successful people from all over the world, and besides, its cars are always among the leaders of the popular racing series "Formula-1".

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