History of Fiat

The company "Fiat" today is a huge concern, which produces a wide range of equipment designed for construction, agriculture, freight and passenger transportation and passenger car traffic and sports areas. It was founded in 1899 by a group of businessmen, but the original name was not so short - "Societa Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino". In the first years of existence, the company was engaged in the Assembly of cars Renault brand, but in 1903 begins to rapidly expand the business scope, and is taken first for trucks, and then and passenger buses. In addition, abolished import duties on steel from abroad allowed her to take even for the production of marine and aircraft engines.

Cars Fiat was originally produced in small quantities as a prestigious and expensive cars. However, due to the high quality and regular victories in various races, they were sold widely. One of the most impressive victories of that time was won by Fiat S61 in 1911 at the Grand Prix of France. It should be noted that the engine of this model had an incredible amount to 10.5 liters.

In 1912 began the development of a large scale cars Fiat. The owners of the company wanted to launch on the market not only qualitative, but also the original machine, which stood out on the background of any tricks competitors. In order to have a wide choice of bodies for their products, they sign contracts with a number of body shops - "Zagato", "Locati & Toretta" and "Touring". In 1916, construction began on the Lingotto factory, which lasted 6 years. This industrial complex was the largest ever in Europe, and was intended to provide the Assembly-line production of cars.

The first model widely recognized, was Fiat Balilla issued by the group in 1932. She had a very small fuel consumption, and low cost, making it widely available. 4 years later was released Fiat Topolino, compact and cheaper to repeat the success of the previous one.

During the Second World war aircraft air strikes destroyed much of the company's production facilities, and the remaining were nationalized. In the post-war deficit control "Fiat" made the right bet on the production of cheap and economical cars, releasing updated models one after the other. In 1950 produced the first diesel car Fiat 1400.

In 1966 Fiat signed an agreement with the Soviet Union, and in Togliatti was built Volzhsky automobile plant, which was originally produced Fiat under his own name. So, the well-known "penny", or VAZ-2101, almost identical released in 1967 Fiat-124.

In 1969, Fiat buys owners of the company "Lancia". The ensuing years of the oil crisis did not lead the company to collapse, but only made them focus on increasing the efficiency of production and quality control of production and its efficiency.

In 1980 he was presented model Fiat Panda, on the design which was known Giorgetto Giugiaro. The car was very inexpensive but high quality and easy repair in case of breakdown, which made it a bestseller in Europe. Machine Panda can be seen on the streets of Europe, even in our days. Equally popular was the Fiat Uno, released three years later, and which had many updates electronics, the nodes of the engine and other aspects.

In 1986 Alfa Romeo enters under the control of Fiat after the purchase of the controlling stake in this company.

The new bestseller "Fiat, Punto hatchback, was released in 1993. It was produced in several variations is covered with 3 -, 5-door, convertible and modification of Gran Turismo, which had a maximum set.

In 2003, the new Fiat Punto is equipped with an innovative motor 1,3 Multijet 16v and updated Barchetta.

Autumn saw the light of the new Fiat Panda and received the title of "Car of the year 2004".

In 2004, went on sale Fiat Idea, which became the first universal car company Fiat, and also the first machine, which has been entrusted with the promotion of the new mission of the brand. This car has got a unique design.

In 2006 Fiat again changes its logo. It was developed together with the Agency Robilant Associati and the Center of the style Fiat.

The group currently manufactures equipment for industrial and civil purposes, and is among the largest automakers.

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