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FOTON Ollin - commercial light-duty trucks made in China. The car is manufactured in China under license from ISUZU that speaks of good quality products. On the Russian market, FOTON Ollin has managed to gain wide popularity because of its good handling characteristics, practicality and convenience in operation, and relatively low price. FOTON Ollin offers customers in different "weight" categories. However, the car has a moderately compact dimensions, making it as easy as possible for movement in densely populated cities. FOTON Ollin has a nice "European" appearance. Front Ollin is decorated with a large, chrome grille and teardrop-shaped optics.

FOTON Ollin got a nice, ergonomic interior. Steering column truck adjustable tilt and height, and the driver's seat capable of moving on a "forward-backward" for the convenience of the driver. For FOTON Ollin 1069 offers three diesel, displacement 3.8 l (142 HP) and 4.0 l (104 HP and 135 HP). Combined fuel consumption of 3.8-liter engine is quite acceptable for such a volume, and is about 11 l/100 km If you have a large number of positive characteristics, FOTON Ollin be able to compete with commercial cars of domestic production.

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