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Freightliner Classic - North American backbone tractors manufactured since 1991. Freightliner Classic is the embodiment of the present American "truck" brutal and powerful. This is one of the most striking models in the United States. But particularly popular Freightliner Classic never received. The reason for this was high enough price, caused by the abundance of chrome body parts and other expensive items. There are two cabins, different long bonnet space: Classic and Classic XL. Cab Freightliner Classic is a classic bonnet layout with two full beds. To reduce vibrations, the cabin in the rear has air suspension. Massive front panel has various devices, information from which is read without any difficulty. Ergonomics in the cab Freightliner Classic thought out to the smallest detail.

As the power unit Freightliner Classic is 6-cylinder engine company, Detroit Diesel, with power of 500 HP Company Detroit Diesel, as Freightliner, owned by Daimler-Chrysler. Freightliner Classic is supplied manual transmission Eaton Fuller AutoShift with automatic switching. On the Russian market Freightliner Classic - car is very rare. Officially on the market in Europe Daimler-Chrysler this model was not suggested that there was no competition with Mercedes trucks. Freightliner Classic has an impressive size and poor "American" maneuverability that is not very convenient in operation on the Russian roads.

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