Freightliner Columbia Gallery


In 2000 year introduced a new series of long-haul tractors - Freightliner Columbia. The new model features an aerodynamic forms cabins and modern appearance. Traditionally for American long-haul tractors cab Freightliner Columbia with a complete relaxation room for the driver. It has a comfortable bed, fridge, microwave and other technical facilities. The temperature inside the cabin regulates a powerful air conditioning system and ventilation. Thus, Freightliner Columbia is for the driver not only a car for work and for leisure. The dashboard is concise forms and lines. However, the design in cars of this class do not play such an important role. Many devices and equipment capable of inform the driver about the technical condition of the car on the road.

Freightliner Columbia is supplied with motors Detroit Diesel, displacement of 12.7 l or 14.0 HP these motors are featured with high performance. As the transmission is fully automatic transmission EatonFuller. The clutch pedal on the truck there is, however, to use it is only necessary at the start. Further work becomes "automatic". On the Russian market Freightliner Columbia is not very popular due to the very large dimensions compared with European counterparts.

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