History of Geely

The full name of the company - "Geely Group Co., Ltd.". It was opened in 1986 in China, and the first of its produce steel refrigerators. However, when the Communist party decided to capitalize on the country's economy, the company has received a powerful impetus to the development.

1992 was a great year for "Geely" starting in production vehicles. The company began producing components for motorcycles, and 2 years later have already mastered their self Assembly. In 1996, the number of issued units of motorcycles exceeded 200,000.

In 1997, the company began to actively promote their products on world markets, opening many branches in different countries of the world, and also began producing industrial transport for Chinese companies.

Cars Geely saw the light in 1998 and quickly gained recognition in the country due to low prices and good quality build. After 5 years of production, the first instances of cars were exported, and in 2004 dealers "Geely" offered their products in Asia, South and Central America, and even on the African continent. Voicing their plans for the future, the company stated that the plans for 2010 is the annual production of 1 million vehicles.

In 2005 the company "Geely Automobile" put their cars on the Frankfurt and Detroit auto shows. The company took an active course to conquer the markets of all countries of the world, and tries to establish itself from the best side, carefully watching the quality of the products. In this she is helped not only their own development but also the exchange of experience and technologies with partners - "Daewoo", "Rucker" and other brands.

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