History of Great Wall

In 1976 he founded the Chinese company "Great Wall", which is just 22 years after its entry into the market has become the largest manufacturer of pickup trucks and commercial vehicles in Asia.

The history of the company began from the start of production of compact trucks to meet the needs of companies involved in logistics. However, the generous grants and subsidies from the state allowed the "Great Wall" to expand its model range. In 1995 he was presented to the great wall Sailor, who became the first pickup in the Chinese market, taking a leading position thanks to its low price and ease of maintenance. In the same year was founded the research center "great wall of Nissan, which became involved in the creation of new technologies automotive manufacturing. In 1997, at the facilities of "Great Wall" has been manufacturing the entire range of cars from the group Nissan for the domestic market of China, and a year later the company was among the five hundred largest in China.

In 2001 he was presented the first frame SUV great wall safe, which began to be exported to all neighboring countries, including Japan and Russia, and in 2003 the model range of the company was fully updated, on sale immediately 6 pickups. Through the year was presented to the first crossover of the company, which has provided its leading position in the segment of SUVs for 2004, 2005 and 2007.

At the same time, the "Great Wall" begins to develop several models of minibuses and minivans, the last of which came in the series in 2007. By 2008, the company took a third of the entire automobile market of China and half of the automobile market of Thailand.

In 2010, it was announced the acquisition of shares in Japanese companies, "Daihatsu", but in the end, the deal fell through and Daihatsu", as well as 5% of the shares of the "Great Wall" came under the control of the group of companies "Toyota".in 1923, the car company "Grass-Premier", since its inception has focused on the production of special equipment for civil and military purposes.

Presented for the first time on the territory of the United States of America model fire trucks, ambulances and trucks. The next step on the way to becoming the brand has become the production of trucks, capable of carrying from 1 to 12 tons.

However, in 1928, after the peak of the great Depression, the plant continued the work of only 17 people, and production was limited to the execution of the state and individual orders. Instead of creating your own power unit, the firm "Grass-Premier" bought motors from third-party manufacturers, which has played a cruel joke in 1936, when the whole volume of cars sold has not brought a single cent of profit. So, six months later the company declared bankruptcy, and its development and plant were sold to a firm "bows".

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