History of Gurgel

´╗┐Brazilian automotive company "Gurgel" was founded in 1969. The first model was based on the platform of the Volkswagen beetle and was not very popular among buyers. However, light trucks company "Gurgel" was warmly received by the military and were delivered to the army until 1987.

In 1974, "Gurgel" presented a prototype of the world's first electric car, which was to become one of the most popular cars on the market to get around the city. However, the project quickly came to a halt, and the company returned to manufacturing equipment for the army of Brazil.

In 1979 was introduced universal van X-15, which could accommodate seven passengers in the civilian version, and up to two passengers plus 500 pounds of cargo for the army.

After 3 years the company "Gurgel" again attempted to enter the market of civilian vehicles, this time with the model XEF, which had three front seats and a short base, which allowed her to cope well with travel on any type of asphalt primer.

In 1986 the company introduced three off-road model, which had become popular among both the military and among ordinary citizens. However, the army of Brazil chose cooperation with General motors and Daimler, which opened its subsidiary in Brazil, and then decreased demand and civilian customers. So by 1993, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. However, in 1994 the government has allocated the necessary money for the production of new models of light trucks "Gurgel", but the company refused financial assistance, and the company was closed, sold not only their factories throughout the country, but also the trademark "Gurgel", which passed the factory bikes.

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