History of Hess

The Swiss company "Hess" was founded in 1898, starting in 1916, the first intercity buses. Since then there have been many attempts to create its own bus, which was hampered by various factors. However, since 1976 the company still goes to the production of buses and trolleybuses own development, through collaboration with brands "Scania" and "Volvo". So there was a whole range of trolleys Eurotrol, which was used from 1981 to 1995 in all major cities of the European continent.

In addition, in 1977, was the lineup of buses series Hess N, which have become popular among private firms carrying, taking a 20% share of the market for commercial passenger transport Central and Northern Europe. Since 1995 the company Hess goes on to produce its own diesel power units, which leads to lower prices for its products and the rapid growth of sales.

By 2008, the firm Hess buys plants in distress "Volvo" in Switzerland and the Netherlands, through the joint production of passenger buses with a new generation of cargo, a division of Volvo trucks, controlled by the French brand Renault.

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