History of Jac

In 1999 he founded the Chinese car company "JAC", which was part of the huge technological conglomerate "Anhui Jianguai Automobile Co. However, the factories of this brand began only in 2002, after a long work on the preparation of production facilities and purchase of a number of foreign automakers.

The first model of the company consisted of commercial vehicles and construction machines for working in the fields of industrial engineering and passengers. So, the first compact buses JAC H, equipped with diesel engines, Yuchai, built on technology from the Japanese company Isuzu.

In 2004 an agreement was concluded with the South Korean firm Hyundai, which has become a technology partner of the brand "JAC". The first joint model was JAC Refine, mid-size cargo van, built on the basis of Hyundai Starex. By this time, the main source of income of the brand become the trucks series HFC with all-wheel drive and 6x4 structure of the transmission. The capacity of the models varies from 2.5 to 25 tons, and the capacity of the diesel engine reaches 390 horsepower. In addition, the company produces a whole range of tourist and city buses, becoming the main partner of all sports clubs in China and the largest travel companies.

By 2008 the company "JAC" is 30% of the commercial vehicle segment in the Chinese market, significantly ahead of all its nearest competitors. In the same year, the brand management decides on the creation of the first cars in which engineers Chinese firms again used by the South Korean "Hyundai". Thus was presented the JACK Rhine, built on the basis of Hyundai Santa Fe first generation. However, the car has received a number of amendments presented by the Russian company "TagAZ". One of the main additions is the use of a more rigid suspension all-wheel drive versions, which provided the best cross road of China.

In 2010, the company's engineers "JAC" started creating your own car on the motor presented in the same year at the Beijing motor show. In addition, the exhibition was brought to the hybrid version of the Toyota RAV4, work on which has involved engineers from Chinese companies.

In 2012, concluded an Alliance with the Japanese company Toyota, led the brand "JACK" to begin work on a full-size off-road vehicle, as well as to produce a new generation of travel and city buses.

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