History of Jaguar

The British company Jaguar specializes on the production of prestige cars. However, in 1922, after registration, it was called "Swallow Sidecars and made accessible for motorcycles. And only 4 years later two founding partner, William Lyons and William Walmsley decided to turn its attention to the development of bodies for cars. First automotive products "Jaguar" was intended for Seven sports car produced by the company "Austin".

The first notable successes producer made in 1931, presented at the motor show in London two of their first car, the SS-I and SS-II. They relished the London buyers, and the company "Jaguar" spent the next few years to develop sedans premium, based on these models. Published in 1936, they became the first car, which bore the name "Jaguar".

After entire World War II as an aircraft engine manufacturer, the company returned to the development of machines immediately after its completion. At this time the company changed its former name, taking as the new "Jaguar", which previously appeared only line of luxury cars. The designation "SS" at that time too firmly associated with the Nazis, and it could hurt sales. In 1948 was the first post-war sedan - Jaguar Mk V, and soon after, the company launched the model, which became the fastest production car of the time. The maximum speed of the XK120 was a whopping 193 km/H. This series continued in 1954, when the light appeared XK-140. The new car was equipped engine, developed 180-192 horsepower power, and acceleration of up to 225 km/h After 3 years Jaguar has introduced the model XK150, who had a 253-horsepower engine capacity of 3.5 liters.

In 1960, Jaguar bought the company "Daimler", which worked closely in recent years. However, this decision was not the best, and has led to a number of financial problems. To improve things could only since 1966, together with British Motors. Then came the time that can be considered the Golden age of the Jaguar - the company releases one after the other successful models that beat sales records and occupy top positions in the charts of the most attractive cars of England. Machine brand gradually become more aggressive sports, both outside and in terms of equipment. So, in 1972 Jaguar has released the model XJ12, who had a 12-cylinder engine capacity of 311 horsepower. She for a long time was the best among all the company's products, while in 1981 it was not replaced by XJ-S HE. This model had an automatic transmission and a top speed of 250 km/h, which was another record for the serial car.

In 1988, the firm has created a new Department under the name "Jaguar Sport" designed to improve speed and technical performance cars. The first presented model, XJ 220, took his well-deserved top place on the podium among the fastest production vehicles, and only the appearance of the McLaren F1 has forced her to go down on the line below.

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