History of Johnson Controls

"Johnson Controls" today is a leading manufacturer of batteries of different types of vehicles, including hybrid and electric vehicles. However, he started the firm with quite another.

In 1885, Warren Johnson founded Johnson Electric Service Company", together with a group of investors. Initially, she was involved in the development, manufacture and installation of systems that automatically regulate the temperature in the premises, as well as their subsequent maintenance.

In 1972, the company developed the first computer to manage such systems. And in 1974 the company was renamed to "Johnson Controls".

In 1978, Johnson Controls, annexed company "Globe-Union", which was engaged in the manufacture of a battery for vehicles. With this development started in the automotive industry. The company has actively supported the development of new types of batteries, and later began to expand the range of accessories that offer both car manufacturers and owners of transport.

Today, Johnson Controls, and produces, in addition to batteries, full range of products for car interiors, seats, doors, dashboard, console, and others.

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