History of Landwind

In 2004 Chinese company "Landwind" was founded, specializing on the production of middle class cars. In 2006 he was presented the first model of the company - SUV X6, participation in the creation of which was attended by the engineers of the Japanese "Mitsubishi" brand. Under the hood Landwind X6 is located 2 and 2.4-litre petrol powertrain Mitsubishi power 115 and 125 horsepower, and a 2.8-liter diesel engines Isuzu, power 98 horsepower.

However, the popularity of the model has gained only after modification "pickup", presented in 2007. Then followed a number of sports Landwind SUVs, which were in great demand in Thailand. However, after the onset of the global economic crisis, it was decided to concentrate on the production of more massive models.

In 2008 the world saw the model X9, based on the Opel Frontera. Due to the success of this model in the automotive market China and the beginning of sales in Mexico, American concern General motors bought out in 2010, 5% of shares of "Landwind", investing more than half a billion dollars in the construction of two new plants.

In addition, engineers Chinese brand introduced the minivan CV9 in 2009, becoming the first automaker China with a similar model in the budget class. However, the use of technology, the American "General motors has been very expensive, and by 2011, the cost CV9 increased by 200%, which led to the restriction of its sales.

Also, after signing a new contract with "GM" and "Mitsubishi" the company "Landwind" started to raise the security of their vehicles, which was part of a plan to exit the company on the European car market.

In 2012, the company commenced production of the entire current lineup of "Mitsubishi" brand for the domestic market, making it the fifth largest production among other Chinese automakers. In the same year began the development of a new model based on the platform of the Mitsubishi Outlander, and its release is scheduled for 2014.

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