Maserati Indy Gallery

Maserati Indy has become one of the most successful creations of the Italian company Maserati. The new product replaces the car Mexico. With the body of Vignale was much impressive predecessor. Of course, she could not compete in attractiveness with Ghibli, being higher by 12 see This increase was due to the salon with a capacity of 4 people, but it did not spoil the overall impression, because the car was wider Ghibli. This car was the widest coupe from all released so far Maserati models. Four-wheel drive models Maserati Indy was created by a company Vignale. It was first demonstrated in Turin in 1968, Fast and attractive Maserati Indy was very practical. For it offered a number of engine displacement of 4136, 4709 and, finally, 4930 cm3 capacity 260-335 HP For five years, Maserati has produced 1136 Indy cars. Car Indy, which is higher and wider than the model Ghibli, has become the first Maserati with a monocoque body.

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