Maserati Shamal Gallery

The emergence of Maserati Shamal marked the return of Maserati to the use of V-shaped 8-cylinder engines. The new engine was fully aluminum with wet liners, two camshafts on each row of cylinders and 32 valves. High performance and attractive features was enough to Maserati Shamal enjoyed a very good demand, but the reality turned out different. Probably the reason was the design Shamal. Maserati has decided to save as many stylistic solutions used for the Biturbo. From creating an entirely new body refused. In the front suspension Shamal used front McPherson, rear - tubular longitudinal rod, and adjustable Koni shock absorbers. The driver by using the keys on the console could choose one of four operation modes: from very soft to very hard sport. On the markets of other countries, not taking into account the UK, Maserati Shamal was adopted pretty cool, but in production it lasted 6 years.

Maserati Shamal produced in the period from 1989 to 1995.

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