History of Maxwell

In 1904, was founded a small American car company "Maxwell", which was released compact budget car of mass consumption. However, after 1910 was concluded an Alliance with the brand name "Oldsmobile", engineers "Maxwell initiated the creation of the whole model range, which would be able to compete with the hire company "Ford".

Before the First World War, which have been hit hard by the economic status of small manufacturers, company "Maxwell" and "Oldsmobile decided to unify the model, releasing the joint development of different brands. After the war, the Union was faced with the assumptions of the economic crisis. As a result, the firm of Maxwell" received heavy losses, and the beginning of the bankruptcy procedure in 1925. Came to the aid of Walter Chrysler, founder and Director of brand "Oldsmobile". Chrysler decided to combine the production capacity of the two companies under a new brand. In 1925 the company was founded Chrysler, which included two brands - "Maxwell" and "Oldsmobile", and continued development of the predecessor firms, presented in the 21st century a huge Corporation, the factories which are located around the world.

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