History of Seagrave

In 1891 founded the American engineering company "Seagrave", which specialized in the production of special equipment. During the Second World War, the company "Seagrave" one of the first who applied design all-wheel drive powertrain for the fire brigade, which has led to an increasing popularity of products in the 1950s. And one of the major client of the firm was the fire Department of new York.

However, in 1963 the company "Seagrave" was forced to be part of the Corporation "front wheel drive", which managed to save it from bankruptcy. In the same year to customers of the brand has added fire departments in California and Arizona, where there were frequent forest fires. And in the 1970s "Seagrave" began to produce, in addition to fire trucks, stationary equipment for fire fighting, becoming one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers in this field.

In addition, it was open division brands in Canada, where "Seagrave" began to supply its products to all municipalities in Ontario, including the largest agglomeration of Toronto. In 2003 mark "Seagrave" became one of the largest divisions reorganized company "front wheel drive", with full independence. And in 2014 the company "Seagrave" became her longtime rival brand "American Lafrance", was on the verge of bankruptcy.

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