History of Sivax

´╗┐Japanese engineering company "Sivax" was founded in 1961. The firm specialized in the production of components for vehicles from Toyota and Mitsubishi, aircraft power units, as well as body for hire.

However, in 1984 the company "Sivax", highlighting their structures automotive division in the independent brand, has given the go-ahead for the creation of your own car. However, in 1988 the project was frozen by order of the government of Japan, fearing increased competition between Japanese car brands.

In 1989, a contract was signed with companies "Honda" and "Toyota" on the design for their future models, which worked until 2009, when the global financial crisis has forced Japanese manufacturers to reduce their costs. In 2010 a new client company "Sivax" became the Chinese automobile concern "Dongfeng", which also gave a portion of their shares of the Japanese company, in order to ensure long-term cooperation.

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