History of Studebaker

"Studebaker" is one of the oldest car brands in the world. In 1852 brothers Studebakers were collected in a small factory, vans and trailers, and later re-describing the production of cars and motor trucks.

In 1875 they were able to bring a turnover of 1 million dollars per year, and 1902, when the scene came the first cars of the brand, could be considered jubilee - more than 5,000 dealer locations across the USA allowed no problems effectively sell any new developments. By 1922, the annual turnover of the company exceeded $ 100 million.

During the Second world Studebakers quickly retrained on the production of amphibians and aircraft engines, and trucks for the army. After the war, "amphibian" continued to enjoy high demand among fans of tourism and extreme entertainment. In 1946, on the basis of military developments "Studebaker" were collected 3 models - Champion, Commander Land Cruiser. The difference was mainly in power and the length of the wheelbase, the rest of the cars were similar.

In the 1950-ies the company "Studebaker" has released a Deluxe version of the Champion.

In 1954, "Studebaker" and "Packard" have agreed on mutual cooperation against the "big three" Detroit. However, despite the fact that the company has undertaken release of popular compact cars, this has not led to improved financial position, and from these models had to be abandoned. To stay afloat, in 1963, all production was moved to Canada, where it was cheaper, but sales growth has not helped the legendary auto maker to get out of debt, and in 1966 "Stubebacker" ceased to exist.

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