History of Think

"Th!nk" - Norwegian automaker in 2008 engaged in the development of electric vehicles, adapted to Northern conditions and running on lithium-ion batteries.

Feature of the machines is their tight integration with the Internet, the development of which lies on the shoulders of Google. The company plans to start sales of the first cars in 2009, but financial problems prevented this, and the launch had to be postponed.

And in 2011, "Th!nk" went bankrupt, however, through the purchase of a controlling stake by Russian businessman Boris Zingarevich, the company has managed to stay afloat. Under his leadership, a contract was signed to supply new Li-ion batteries with Ener1, Inc "and actively promotes innovative idea inventor Dean Kamen on the implementation under the hood Kara Stirling engines. Google still takes the decision about the viability of such changes, however, a new modification of Th!nk on these power units may be soon ready for release.

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