History of Thornycroft

"Thornycroft" - a British company with almost a century of history. Starting in 1896, the production from the first in the history of cargo vapour mobiles, its owner John Isaac Thornycroft has focused on heavy vehicles.

At this time also existed and shipbuilding company "Thornycroft". While both companies worked together.

In 1902, in the automotive brand "Thornycroft", steam engines trucks were changed to gasoline, and finally parted company with steam units already in 1907.

In 1948, the brand has survived the renaming in "Transport Equipment (Thornycroft) Ltd", in order to avoid confusion with the shipbuilders, successfully worked so far. Then in "Thornycroft" was developed the original model of a fire engine for airports.

Around since the early 1960s sale "Thornycroft" began to decline and, in 1969, was closed primary production in Basingstoke, and other power sold brand Scammell". Development and production of individual parts and components under the brand name "Thornycroft" continued until 1980, until the last plant was not closed, and the owners of the company decided not to resume production.

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