History of Zundapp

The German company "Zundapp" started in 1917 under the leadership of Fritz Neumeier. The initial specialization of the company was far from peaceful direction - plant in Nuremberg produced ammunition and detonators.

In 1919, when the urgency of military production has come to naught, "Zundapp" retrained on the production of motorcycles. During the Second World engineers and workers "Zundapp" produced motor vehicles for the Wehrmacht.

In 1984 the company "Zundapp" went bankrupt, and all production was bought by the government of the people's Republic of China. All equipment was dismantled and moved to China, where German machines started to produce motorcycles "Tianjin Motorcycle Co.

The main models of motorcycles manufactured by the company were Zundapp DB(T) - 200, Zundapp DS-350, Zundapp K-500W, Zundapp KS-600, Zundapp KS-750.

Zundapp DB(T) - 200 was equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine displacement 198 cubes and power 7 HP Motorcycle had a three-stage gearbox; topped out at 85 km/HR and was so simple and reliable that its production lasted from 1935 to 1951.

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