Bmw Concept Interpreted As A Hint At The Emergence Of A New Model

Bmw Concept Interpreted As A Hint At The Emergence Of A New Model

Presented at the days of the car, BMW created using Studio Pininfarina, has provoked debate in the automotive community. The creators of the concept car Salut that are not going to replicate, but experts already see the car type revived BMW 8 series.


Representatives of BMW continue to argue that the recent public appearance of the concept Pininfarina Lusso does not indicate plans to start production of the new model. However, in an interview with portal Autocar a high-ranking source in the Bavarian concern said that in theory a large coupe BMW could look like that. Thus, stylistic experiments may be considered "proof of concept" before beginning work on rocksim two-door car. Indirectly, this idea was confirmed by the fact that under the unique coupé standard hidden the whole interior and chassis borrowed from the production model.


Four-seat coupe 8 series was produced by BMW until 1999. The Bavarians have repeatedly expressed a desire to return to full production model with a two-door body - for example, in 2007, BMW introduced the concept CS, made by Chris Bangle on the platform sedan 7 series. However, further projects did not materialize.

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe is named by its creators, "an alloy of two approaches to automotive style", but some experts see in it rather the desire of the designers of BMW to return to historical roots in the appearance of their vehicles.


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