Pagani Has Released The Latest Version Of The Zonda Supercar

Pagani Has Released The Latest Version Of The Zonda Supercar

Supercar Pagani Zonda completes his way of life. The Italian automaker has released the latest version of the model, which was named Zonda Revolucion, 800-horsepower engine and a price tag of 2.2 million euros.


The company officially unveiled the latest version of its extreme supercar Zonda. The Pagani engineers managed to make the car even faster and more powerful than before, that it seemed almost impossible. The company Revolucion consider top engineering skills: "Horatio Pagani and his team have created a vehicle designed to impress both on the track and in the garage. The Central monocoque, which is the basis of the body is made of carbon fiber and titanium, thus significantly reducing the weight of up to 1070 kg, but to maintain strength and rigidity.


The car is equipped with a 6-liter V12 from AMG Mercedes, which managed to get 800 HP power and 730 Nm of torque. The transmission was selected to match the engine - 6-speed sequential box, which switches the transfer speed of 20ms. Traction control TRC (Traction Control), developed by Bosch, with 12 different settings, coupled with the upgraded ABS system allows the driver to adapt the behavior of the car under its own driving style.


Specifications could not be reflected in the design. The designers took into account the smallest details that can affect the aerodynamics of the car. So, on the front bumper, new air vents on the hood (which by the way, is located in the rear of the vertical stabilizer, and rear spoiler - DRS (Drag-Reduction-System), which can operate in two modes. Both modes can be activated at any time by pressing the buttons on the steering wheel. At desire it is possible to get DRS to work automatically based on the algorithms set by the engineers in the "brains" of the car, as well as numerous data obtained from the machine.


Another "formula" technology - brakes Brembo. By the way, Pagani managed to reduce the weight of the brake discs 15% due to the use of other materials. Due to this, managed not only to maintain but also to increase the life of the drive 4 times.


Pagani Automobili S. p.A. believes Revolucion evolution version of the Zonda R, and calls a new "object, in which art and science merged to create a perfect synthesis of technology, dynamics and aesthetics".

"The framework has been devised to overcome them. We knew that the Pagani Zonda R is already fast machine, in fact the fastest on the North loop of the nürburgring. We knew it would be incredibly difficult to design and to build an even more extreme car. But we were given," says owner and chief designer of the company Horatio Pagani.

Pagani Zonda Revolucion is already sold at a price of 2.2 million euros excluding taxes. The fastest version of the Zonda will be the last in her life. All will be built five such cars.


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