Porsche Cayman Can Be Turned Into Italian For 135 000 Euro

Porsche Cayman Can Be Turned Into Italian For 135 000 Euro

Italian design Studio Studio Torino is known not only for the original design of the experiments, which because of its originality are not implemented on serial machines. Car Moncenisio based on Porsche Cayman S will be produced serially - albeit in small numbers.


Bodywork Studio Studio Torino in November of this year will start accepting orders for the car Moncenisio. In the design based on Porsche Cayman S designers to intervene. Thus, the car will maintain a 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine with 325 horsepower, which the customer may be equipped with either a 6-speed "mechanics" or robotized gearbox PDK.


But the body and interior Italian designers intend to process. Judging by the published sketches in the Studio are going to retain the overall stylistic principles, however, the appearance of the car will be completely different. The same applies to the salon. In addition, Montenisio will receive a new body color and exclusive 20-inch wheels.

In Studio Torino plan to build only two dozen of these sports cars. Their efforts designers appreciated not cheap: the cost of each Montenisio starts at 135 000 EUR excluding rates of donor Porsche Cayman S.


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