Skoda Superb New Generation Presented Officially

Skoda Superb New Generation Presented Officially

Lingering intrigue finally gained its logical outcome: at a special event in Prague Skoda has demonstrated its new flagship. Superb remained liftback, and when it became more economical and much osnashenie with the title of "Best Skoda all time".


"This car marks the beginning of a new era for Skoda and paves the way to a better future", - said the head of the firm Winfried of Poland. Skoda Superb has spread worldwide with a circulation in excess of 700,000 units, and with the new generation of sales of the flagship is expected to grow by at least a quarter. The manufacturer relies primarily on the technological advantages of the new products.


New Skoda Superb, as well as other novelties from VW, built on a modular platform MQB. It has grown in size, but the manufacturer still considers the model of the "late bloomer class D, not pretending to positions in the classes above. Virtually all of the increase went to increase living space for passengers. For example, Skoda argue that the stock height in the back seats is 980 mm, and this is the best result in the class. The increase in length, width, dimensions wheelbase and track allowed the manufacturer to provide a new and most extensive trunk in the class - its space has 625 l (30 liters more than its predecessor). In Skoda refused debuted on the previous generation system dual opening lid, considering its not too popular.


Improved aerodynamics and weight reduction resulted in a 30% improvement of efficiency of the new generation "Shakira". Of the eight proposed liftback motors least voracious named Superb GreenLine version with a 120-horsepower diesel engine capacity of 1.6 liters - it consumes only 3.7 liters per 100 km. The fast was liftback, equipped with a 280-horsepower two-liter turbo engine: him to accelerate to 100 km/h requires only 5.8 seconds. It should be noted that in Skoda thinking about the issue of "charged" modification of liftback with traditional letters RS.


As for other engines, "Shakira" provided a petrol engine from 1.4 to 2.0 liters (the weakest develops 125 HP and is coupled only with the "mechanics"), and a couple of diesel engines with a capacity of up to 190 HP and 400 Nm of torque. As the transmission is 6 - and 7-band "robot" DSG.


Suspension Skoda Superb is made according to the traditional scheme with McPherson struts in front and a "memorycache back. But, in addition to the electronic simulation differential lock, liftback first got the system configuration chassis called DCC - she, apparently, allows you to adjust the stiffness of shock absorbers, responsive powertrain and steering feel.

For the first time "Shakira" provided by the rear view camera. In addition, in the options list will include "sensitive" back door (it can be opened by sliding his foot under the rear bumper), four versions of multimedia systems (top - with Internet access), automatic control of distant light, a lot of new security systems and the like. With regard to the fitness of the cabin for passengers, the Skoda did not fail again to win back his signature achievement. Technology Simply Clever now includes not only an ice scraper in service outlet of the tank: Superb received 29 original solutions, 23 of which were entirely new to "Shakira", and 10 of them in Skoda invented especially for the flagship. Tanks for storage of bottles, reflective vests, holders for tablets, the system of the securing loops in Luggage compartment, removable flashlight - even compartments for umbrellas now equipped with not only the driver's door and passenger.

Selling a new generation of Skoda Superb in Europe is scheduled to begin this summer. About the same time the Russian brand dealers also will start to accept orders, but to predict the cost of new items until no one is taken.


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