Subaru Introduced The Name Of New Model

Subaru Introduced The Name Of New Model

To see the new concept car will be on the opening in the end of November the motor show in Tokyo. Meanwhile, while Japanese fans offers its fans to understand a complex machine. And guess, what type of serial car will be new.


A new concept was named LEVORG, created by splicing three English words - legacy (Japanese prefer to translate it as "legend"), revolution and touring (translated as "the journey"). Before working on machine designers the task was to combine many years of experience with Subaru's innovative approach to creating the car of the new generation".


Under the car of a new generation means a new model, which will hit the market in 2014. Describing it, the Japanese use such phrases as "the character of a sports car, great handling, low fuel consumption and exceptional practicality". Rumored to be under the hood of the LEVORG will be turbo engine displacement of 1.6 liters.


Among the models of Subaru there is not one that would be waiting ambulance generational change. So we are talking about a new model - even if in reality it will be the version already available machines. It can be assumed that the Japanese cook wagon, which will be "kin" models Impreza and XV.


LEVORG is not the only concept car Subaru, which will show in Tokyo. Two other car will be the one relatively compact (length 4 meters 30 centimeters) crossover and one full-length, with three rows of seats.


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