The Story Of The Brand Spyker Or There Is No Life Without Bankruptcy

The Story Of The Brand Spyker Or There Is No Life Without Bankruptcy

Dutch mark disappears from the list of manufacturers for the second time: the project of revival of the brand ended with another bankruptcy. It is not surprising that went bankrupt company, who bring rustle in the market of luxury cars. Rather surprised that they were able to stretch more than ten years...

18 December 2014 it became known that the Dutch automaker officially declared bankrupt and all the assets of the company will go under the hammer. In the current project, launched in 1999 by entrepreneurs Victor Muller and Martin de Brain, for 15 years, was released 290 charismatic car. However, bankruptcies brand Spyker not be used - this is the fourth funeral company. More precisely, several different companies at different times produced different, different from each other cars. Anyway, the reason to boast of their achievements there and that Spyker, which existed at the dawn of automotive history (1899-1926 yy), and whose ambitions too optimistic distributed on the territory of the "giants" super CT structure in our days.

After the company Spyker at the beginning of XX century retrained from manufacturer crews ("fleet" of the Dutch Royal family still kept a carriage, created in the workshop Spyker) in the automaker, its products are often teetered on the brink of innovation and unsustainable accumulation of advanced technologies. For example, presented in 1903 Spyker 60HP became the world's first all-wheel-drive petrol car with powerful for those times five-liter "six" power of 60 HP, advanced cooling system and brakes on all wheels, but in fact all this traveling exhibition of achievements of the Dutch economy has been very slow and clumsy.


Where tangible on the prestige of the affected model 14/18HP, which is the first in the world tried on the dust covers of the engine compartment, and at the same time brought the reliability of components and assemblies to a new level. No wonder 14/18HP Tourer in the most that neither is a standard version brought its creators silver legendary grueling marathon Paris-Beijing sample 1907, superintended then the machine along with their pilots brave both speed and endurance.

And mark would now be the "development team" century anniversaries as a forerunner in the industry, but it did not happen. One bankruptcy followed another, the company changed owners as gloves, and in 1926 the Dutch finally left the scene of a large automotive theatre. Leaving only the logo in the form of a wheel, and propeller (in the First world war Spyker produced aircraft and aircraft engines) Yes brand slogan Nulla tenaci invia est via, which translated from Latin means "the Road will overcome the walking".


The new era brought new Spyker fathers (Victor Muller after the revival of the brand in 1999, has repeatedly changed partners), inspired by the idea of creating a Wake innovative luxury handmade with the highest attention to detail. In 1999 he was presented a bit of an awkward prototype Spyker Silvestries V8, and a year later at the car show in Birmingham gleamed with polished sides exquisite Central engine Roadster C8 Spyder, made completely from aluminium. And in 2001 from the walls of the Dutch factory went coupe C8 with a glass roof.

Rave reviews by the public and regular orders from wealthy gentlemen initially caused optimism to the leadership of Spyker Cars. Over the decade there was a whole brood of various modifications C8, began talking about creating a new flagship collection C12 - and even eminent bodywork Studio Zagato did not disdain to take a couple of Spacerow" custom-tailored. While the Dutch from the beginning chose a very convincing technical partner - in most luxury cars Spyker beat 8 - and 12-cylinder naturally-aspirated "heart" produced by Audi.


Were in the recent history of Spyker Cars and performances in the race "24 hours of Le Mans racing coupe C8 Spyder GT2R, which was the team-outsider "Formula 1" Spyker, which in one season was pumped from Muller and other investors huge money, but to turn the demand for production vehicles in rush failed. In a parallel world car concept car Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris promised to become a trendsetter in the "sparsely populated" segment utmost luxury SUV, but on debut at the Geneva motor show is not gone. And indeed, in recent years, Spyker was only in a state of suspended animation. Questionable transaction dying Swedish Saab left behind a scorched field conflicts with General Motors and debt amounting to more than 140 million dollars. Debts began to manage the company Spyker Cars like the tail of a dog.

It is the protracted crisis has pushed Victor Muller to the creation of medium-sized and relatively affordable sports car worth up to 150 thousand dollars, which could take the part of the buyers of the Porsche 911 and earn a "living wage" for the company. Compact and luxury car B6 Venator was developed in collaboration with Lotus engineering center and is staffed supercharged V-shaped "six" brand Toyota. However, funds for the serial production of this car in the "development team" to find already failed.


Now knock under the auction hammer will go away and all acquired property of the Dutch company Spyker, and with a dozen different concept cars. They will remain monuments or unsuccessful management and erroneous decisions, whether coincidence unfavorable (for the manufacturer of a piece of machinery) market circumstances. Following the old Testament of the founders of Spyker, Victor Muller has promised to open another Chapter in the modern history of this brand, but electric. Inspired by the success of the American Tesla, entrepreneur intends to return "in an affair with the car battery. Now on the agenda is an attempt to achieve a technological breakthrough, and not follow in the Wake of the classics of the genre. However, as life shows, startups from bankruptcy is also not immune.


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